I create delicate jewelry using natural gemstones set in sterling silver and gold.

As someone who notices small details, jewelry making has become the perfect medium for me to express my love of the natural world and my appreciation of intricate designs. I began with simple stringing and wire wrapping of pearls, and over time, learned techniques such as fusing, soldering, fabrication, and casting.

Like many other artists, I draw endless inspiration from nature. The dew on a spider web, the pattern of coral, and the shape of a leaf have all made appearances in my designs. These details remind me to slow down and appreciate the present moment.

Creating jewelry is a meditation on this idea - taking a beautiful gemstone, created by the forces of nature, and transforming it using metal and fire to create a piece to adorn us. The result is a miniature, physical reminder of the earth, a tangible and authentic talisman to ground the wearer and keep them centered on the present moment.

Jewelry serves as a reminder of the magic and beauty in the world, and is something that can be carried and worn every day. My goal is to create jewelry that resonates with my customers, jewelry that they connect with, delight in, and that makes them feel beautiful while helping them reconnect with nature and themselves.