Jewelry Care

From my hands to yours, I take care in using quality materials to make jewelry you will love.

All of my jewelry is hypo-allergenic and nickel-free.

I source recycled metals and materials made in the US whenever possible.

The best you can get before paying for solid gold, layers of 14k gold are pressure and heat bonded, not plated, to a core of quality jeweler's brass. Gold filled metal won't chip, flake, or turn your skin green.

An alloy of pure silver and copper added for strength, sterling silver is guaranteed to be 92.5% silver. It will tarnish over time, which a polishing cloth can restore to its original shine.



Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine found in pools, spas, and hot tubs. 14k gold filled, solid 14k gold, and sterling silver are sweat-proof and are fine to wear in the shower. 

Make sure jewelry is clean and dry before storing long-term. Storing sterling silver in a ziplock bag is the best way to keep it from oxidizing.